Humungus Parts and Labor is the umbrella label for the works of Gary W. Kale, aka Gerry Valle aka Larry Vale aka Lord H aka The Humungus, Warrior Of The Wasteland, The Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah.

Though Lord H has been recording and performing music for many years, it was only in 1998 when the masterpiece work Mint For Pillow was released that Lord H assumed the title of heir to The Pop-King Throne. Featuring redone versions of older works as well as loads of new material, this 80’s tinged full-length is destined to become a classic.

The Lord H career began in the seminal alternative band, S.I.g. Joining Lord H in this enterprise were fellow insanity pioneers Long Haired Mod and Red Glasses Butch. Together, the trio churned out several of the most influential albums of the 1980’s. Critically acclaimed works such as Keg Music: Songs To Puke By,Tortilla and the absolutely essential Roundhead Roundshit served as major influences for a host of bands — from latter day successors, like The Kickers, The Sheiks, Armchair Ministers, Bricker and Late To Church, to equally gifted predecessors, like the venerable Dan Zorro Band. Sadly, the most commercially successful of S.I.g.’s releases was their final work, 1989’s pop classic Chickens And Venetians. During the final tour, S.I.g. entertained fans across the world, in venues as obscure as Anaco, Venezuela.

Though fans across the globe continue to yearn for the days of yesteryear, when a live S.I.g. show was as easy and convenient to catch as a virus, the sheer magic of the live S.I.g. experience has been captured for posterity on the vital S.I.g.: Live At The Undisguised Whore and the rare import EP Live At The Royal Dansk Cafe. For the hardcore fans, however, a copy of the impossible-to-find multi-lingual KSMC Radio interview would serve as a prized heirloom for generations to come.

Despite the overwhelming number of public appearances and S.I.g’s hectic tour schedule, Lord H still found the time to record outside collaborative projects, including the proto-electronica band Missing (featuring The Beast). Other side projects have included the punk-fantasy band Stop Stupiding Around, the Benefit For Lost Star Wars Weapons band Peace Under Dictatorship (P.U.D., with Zeke DeVenus) and Los Cuatro Fantasticos.

Lord H also released solo material under the Tovarisch pseudoacronym. The self-titled first album was released in 1987 and featured the disco staple Atlantis and the industrial dance classic Survey Says. This album marked a departure from the mad dissonance of S.I.g.’s music and proved that Lord H had a flair for things electronic and an ear for things unheard. Followed by two full length albums, the undiscovered Bite Size Crispies and the stellar introspective Raul Roal Raorca, Lord H revealed sexy hints of a promising career outside of the S.I.g. military-industrial complex.

With the amicable dissolution of the S.I.g. supergroup, Lord H took a hiatus from music making. Using wealth accumulated during the prosperous S.I.g. years, Lord H constructed a personal studio — informally known as The Wasteland — and began to explore the depths of Sharon Stone’s vuarnet. After completion of the studio and an undocumented stormy affair with a well-known actress, Lord H returned to the mixing boards and began spewing out a series of techno-pop-industrial singles. Some of these DJ only releases, such as Sharon and Karen, Man Fall In Water and Long Pleasure can be found in new incarnations on the Mint For Pillow album. Other works, like the manic Muscularat and 1995’s sensual Psychonellie, are some of the most sought after 12″ singles in the entire western hemisphere, revered by collectors and chesty bunsters alike.

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