“Here are paths that draw from the time before suicidal Seattle – summery England sometime early in the last decade. It’s still allowed to be smart, to have an opinion, wear an unusual costume. It is possible to be charming rather than street. We have lyrics and girls, it’s what I think used to be called ‘laundromat’ – being where you’d meet that cute person. LH is calling it the Grocery Look which must be the US equivalent.  When it is at best it is airy and carefree, and comfortably gliding. LH should always be in love rolling around in flowers somewhere outside Paris.  The more Xanax probably the better record.  Will bring great pleasure to people who remember that kind of pre-war summer.”

Tom Ellard, (Severed Heads, AU)

“I rather enjoyed ‘The Grocery Look’ myself — airy is an apt descriptionof that aspect of the Lord H. style.” 

Bernie Maier (!!*, AU)

“Faye, the girl from Kent… ‘Killa'”

Zeke DeVenus (US)

“It sounds like your old stuff but some sick drum beats. There is some Megaman in there, I can feel it…”

George Rivello (Electronic Arts, US)

For an extended review of Mint For Pillow, check out this Transonic Hacker review.

“…very impressive.”

Justin Wolthers (Decoder, AU)

“…very polished…”

Richard Baxter (UK)

“…yeah. Is good. I like it. Let’s do it. Rock and roll.”

Mic Berends (Tomorrow Maximum, US)

“I sneaked…a listen to Mint For Pillow before mailing it off…and I love it!”

Ed Boland (US)

“Your song Man Fall In Water have a special value for me. You recreate in it the “New Musik” style. And I’m crazy of “New Musik”. This group had a so special style and innovating sound at this time. You are the only one to have approach their unique “magic”.

Pascal Blin (Sweet Ohm, FR)

“I like it a lot…honestly, I find A LOT of Brian Wilson influences in here and I like how you are using guitars this way. The sort of gangsta rap song…but I’m still trying to figure it out…I end up laughing too much and forgetting to listen to the rest of the words.”

Stephen NR Jones (Red Martian, US)

“…A sense of vernacular present in ‘The Offer’, and ‘Estrogen’. I see the CD as having two themes, one of a sort of a postmodern (or contemporary, how you might look at it) stance, and the other, a sort of a style of personal youthful self, in friendly territory. …And note that it has a well printed appearance.”

Matthew Suffidy (CA)

“…Mint?? Pillow?? Is this some gay thing?! Or are you ‘partying’?”

Shane Grisham (US)

“This, btw, is liking me very much…”

James Gallagher (AU)

“I can second that, they are very good! Is that Dave Gahan from DM singing on Scratch One?”

Richard Munn (UK)

“If you haven’t […] looked up Lord Humungus you are missing out on some good stuff…”

Lance Baird (US)

Lord H’s version of Tired of Waiting is available again. Love this version better than the original. On the same release is ‘Stolen’ a stunning song imho. Great vintage Love ‘n’ Rockets/Tones on Tail/Spy who Ditched Me feel. Both highly recommended.

Mr. Marz (Tapewarm Studios, US)

Lord Humungus – a lush mix of He Said and superior drum & bass!

Kevin Busby (Carya Amara, UK)

Well, my cat didn’t seem to care for it, but I liked it.

Michael Griffin (US)

 …Produced by LH and Burt Bacharach…You are a sick man…

Patrick Hurley (US)

…this morning while driving out I had to blast Lord H’s Lard Motel contribution at full volume to co-workers…

Bob Broilo (US)

…I’ll just mention that Protective Cloud Layer by LH formed fascinating ice crystals on my engines.

Kevin Busby (Carya Amara, UK)

I was basically stunned when I first heard your track. It is awesome.

Bernie Maier (!!*, AU)
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