I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lard

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lard is a CD compilation of cover songs paying tribute to the seminal electronic band Severed Heads. The CD features members of the Severed Heads mailing list and was produced and mastered by Lord Humungus and Dan Vuletich. If you are interested in getting a copy of this CD, pray to Cthulhu because otherwise you’re SOL. Or perhaps there are things in this world that man is better off not knowing.
  • 01. Blast Pattern 7 Miles
  • 02. Mic Berends Big Blue
  • 03. Snafoo Corporation Big Car
  • 04. The Wiper Confidence
  • 05. !!* Exploring The Secrets Of Treating Deafmutes
  • 06. Cannibaloney Estrogen
  • 07. Lord Humungus First Steps
  • 08. High Priests Of Memphis Sydney Quads And The Megascope Space Probe
  • 09. Ed Boland Goodbye
  • 10. Hammerspace Twenty Deadly Diseases
  • 11. Darwin Grosse Mad Dad Mangles A Strad/Nighttime Falls
  • 12. All American Girl Severed Heads Tribute Band Son Of…/Greater Reward
  • 13. Tractor Beam All Stars Sam Loves You
  • 14. Carya Amara Big Car
  • 15. Stephen Jones Nation

Compiled by Humungus Parts and Labor, March – May 1999. Mastered by Dan Vuletich and Lord Humungus. Cover design by Bernie Maier. Layout by Humungus Parts and Labor.

Track 1: performed by Blast Pattern (Michael Caisley); programmed and recorded at ‘the lab’, March 1999. Track 3: written by Jakob Winnberg. Track 6: produced by J. Parrish and Shawn Pinchbeck. Track 8: Daryn LeHoux & Matt Stevens on piano, short wave, breath, tabla and cetera; ontolophony: only the means justifies the means. Track 9: recorded March 20, 1999, San Francisco, CA. Track 10: acoustic guitars (rhythm, halfspeed bass, doublespeed Mexican beer bottle x2), lead and follow vocals; vinyl abuse; authentic human mistakes, prodded, engineered, mixed, and slung at the wall to see if it would stick by Dave Watson at Antacid House, Ottawa, November 1997, Fanks Tom E. Track 11: realized on a Mac G3 laptop (only); software used includes Metasynth, Thonk, Studio Vision Pro, SimpleText and various VST plugins; all samples are self-created except for the “Nighttime Falls” vocal samples, which were taken from the Severed Heads Gigapus CD.

If you are interested in getting a copy of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lard, well, at this point I don’t know where you’d go. 🙂

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