Mangled By The Tool Of Satan

A two-CD compilation featuring heavy metal covers and original songs by members of the Severed Heads mailing list. This limited release comes in a beautiful hand-crafted slipcase and features lots of original artwork. Lord Humungus provided the track, Mycenean.


  • hellhound ex inferis
  • lord humungus mycenean
  • dj do anarchy in the uk
  • auto_horatio (de)conditioning
  • !!* holtrlrd
  • hammerspace animal
  • transcendental headache short songs
  • lx rudis devil’s cock
  • sweet ohm tnt
  • the rain and the sidewalk propellor
  • harold and cindy hospital gored in the usa
  • david ashton havoc
  • lew et al mine sweet chile (pts 1 & 2)
  • cock velocity twister
  • the lexie downer cabaret experience i was made for lovin’ you
  • xltierack german shepherds
  • sentiment our own home


  • dirty mind the depths/golden height
  • xltierack dressed in air
  • the daylight complex flaming telepaths
  • nunya paranoi4wd
  • the choir invisible big sister’s hawaiian shirt
  • !!* nevaeh ot yawriats
  • the rain and the sidewalk supernatural
  • cannibaloney gor gor
  • carya amara play from your heart
  • traumatized dog mangled with fleas
  • den eck decibels
  • dj do adolf a carrot
  • sentiment death to metal
  • pacmen big blue is back
This 2CD compilation was produced by James Gallagher and Grayden Hanson. Pictured here are the slipcase for the CDs and the main sleeve. Click on any of the pictures below to view an enlarged version.
Chungus is a non-specific leading cosmic identity.

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