Missing VOLUME1

Missing was the groundbreaking proto-electronica outfit featuring The Beast and members of S.I.g.  Most of Missing’s material has been out of print for years. This collection brings together all of the best Missing material — the crazy sounds and infectious rhythms that made them the darlings of the avant-garde circus. Digitally remastered from the original 2-track source tapes, this is a must for the serious Missing fan.

Words by S B Stokes. Music by Missing.
G Valle, R Valle and S B Stokes are Missing.

Originally recorded at Paul Lane Studios, 1988-1990.
[NOTE: Original pressings of this release have a misprint, listing “Gonzalez Studios”]
Digitally remastered by Lord Humungus at The Wasteland, 2003.

Original artwork by S B Stokes. Layout and Design by Humungus Parts and Labor.

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