Occasional Mushy Loon

Occasional Mushy Loon is a cassette compilation originally released in 1997 and featuring tracks by Severed Heads and the Severed Heads mailing list. Lord Humungus, working under a pseudonym, provided the track Headgames for this collection.

  • 01. Severed Heads Animal (Big Day Out version)
  • 02. DJ Two Minute Noodle Sex: Get It?
  • 03. Head Unit She Goes Down
  • 04. Carya Amara Metal Man
  • 05. !!* aHA Words Not Rihl
  • 06. Moulin Noir Car Crash
  • 07. Decoder Lucy Said Hello
  • 08. Time Urgency 300km, Full Of Desire
  • 09. Omnium Gatherum Nothing New/Mutoscope
  • 10. Lx Rudis Fly Little Hawk
  • 11. Scorbie Mr. Medium
  • 12. M 5tevens Venus In Dacron
  • 13. Snaggletooth How Long…?
  • 14. Boobulplex Headgames
  • 15. Synchopath Uruk
  • 16. Xltierack Sanitation Engineers
  • 17. Acolytes Akimbo Purge Rider (chaotic disaster demo)
  • 18. Stephan Quednau Kato Superfunk

Compiled by Scorbie and Claude Malan, Sept – Nov 1996. Cover design by Scorbie with art stolen from Uncle Tom’s “Rotund” t-shirt. Layout by Scorbie. And remember…it’s 11 AM and he’s got a headache.

Thanks to:
Robert Chapin for technical support, Lx Rudis for deciding on the title, M 5tevens for making my Mac work, Claude for the tim tams and digeridoo, everyone who took part, and The Almighty Clifford; Uncle Tom Ellard.

In fond memory of Robert Racic…

Chungus is a non-specific leading cosmic identity.

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