Well everyone liked Psychonellie so much, we just had to make a single!


This particular albumette was mastered in The Wasteland by none other than Lord Humungus, with the aid of Emagic’s Logic Audio and Waveburner Pro. We found that when burning the master tracks using Toast, the tracks were automatically and surreptitiously compressed/limited with nary an explanation. This was definitely not part of the plan. Since we knew Waveburner never cheats at poker, we used it instead.

01 Dubwich Mix – Very noisy and wiggly remix from His Dubwich of London. If you’re not dancing, then you’re already dead.

02 Fresas Mix – Easy going, but not too easy. MMmmmmm…this daiquiri is good!

03 Orchestral Twins – I think I’ve heard this one before…

04 Sliding – Originally slated to appear on The Grocery Look, this track was pulled out pretty late in the game. The original version of this song is even older than Psychonellie herself. This version has taken a few pills and gone dancing. Oh, and the fake sax is still there.

05 Original Moves – Can you believe it? The original original, from somewhere in the smoky backrooms of 1995. The cassette master for this puppy had various tracks recorded at different speeds, so we had to pick one speed for the CD.

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