Jan 2006

Starting off 2006, we have a new mini-album, Liberry, from Lord Humungus. You can listen to the new tunes here. The album artwork is still being completed, so no CD releases just yet. Overheard at the Royal Dansk Cafe was talk about an all-dance music album from Humungus Parts and Labor, supposedly scheduled for release in 2006. We’ll keep you posted.Also this month, Browsers in Arms, an online compilation of various audio artists on the web in 2005, is finally released. This collection includes mostly industrial or experimental tunes from bands such as Antiquark, Brot, Costes, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Dolmen Sniper, Hansel, HP Assymetrik Sound Poetry, Industria Masoquista, Kakawaka, Jesse Kudler, Myrtilles, Joachim Montessuis, Neurosex, OMS-NMA, Alan Sondheim, Tapewarm, CDW and of course Lord Humungus. You can download the tracks here.