Chungus is here to help you…


What’s that weird sound?

It is destiny, and it’s standing right behind you.

Our core features


Chungus is lightweight, portable and leaves no stains.

General Dynamics

Flexible like a yoga instructor.  Unfocused as a kitten.  Try us.

Luck of the Irish

I already pay.

Forming ice on your wings...
What they say about us

This really grows. Like those foam dinosaurs you soak in water.

James Gallagher (AU)

That felt good. Gave it a listen and it made me feel young.

Darin Near (US)

…has a very clean quality of assemblage and plays with possibilities of what sound is. Closer to a sense of style than that of sounding like ‘things’…

Matthew Suffidy (CA)

Meet our team

Lord Humungus

Creative Director, Ayatollah

La La Lydia

Solutions Architect, Berserker

Jake Ryan

Public Relations and Senior Lap Manager, Tabico

Chungus is a non-specific leading cosmic identity.

Contact us to relieve the foam in your life.